A Time of Setting Seed

Choices at the Edge of Extinction


Here we are now on an endangered planet; our First Mother, the soul of our hearts is dying. Many species are passing away; the great diversity and wisdom of natural life is vanishing due to our actions. The ignorance of man is cresting. A top-heavy culture built on ever-increasing expansion is reaching its limits and collapsing under its own weight. This is a powerful time if we recognize the turning point we have reached rather than try to hold onto the failing structures all around us, structures that have been built on separation from the heart rhythms of the Earth. We can embrace this time and change within it, or we can hold to what is collapsing and deny the reality of our situation or try to wish it away.

In our expansionist culture the natural energies of decline are too often misunderstood, denied, or ignored. Any cycle of decline is also a time of setting seed, a time of turning inward toward origin, toward what is essential, a time to set the seed of our spiritual journey, a time to concentrate and focus our lives, our intent, and all our love into forms that can engender new life. If we want it to be, it can be a time to reclaim our natural heritage of kinship with all life.

During times of decline and dissolution there is an opening in which we can choose, shift our perspective, and change. Within this gap, this extraordinary space in time, we can set the seed of new aspects of our path together by embracing the change within it.

Setting seed requires that we look with open eyes to perceive this world from our hearts, open like the sky, and with an unclouded view we will know what to do within the collapse. Setting seed and an open heart are intertwined with a purpose that all life prospers, experiencing and learning within the active movement of a generative love.

For many plants, setting seed is the natural completion of their life cycle. As climate change accelerates, many uncultivated plants in areas of increasing temperatures are responding by setting seed earlier and more profusely. Other plants, caught in drought or other difficult circumstances, are experiencing arrested growth cycles. As humans we face similar circumstances. Our global culture built on expansion and exploitation is “hollowing out from within” as Chris Hedges says. Questions at the edge of possible extinction: What do I want to have done by the time I die? What do I want for others around me now or for those who may live in future times? These are important questions. Do we want to dig in, hold fast to the familiar, to what we have become accustomed to, even if it is contributing to the destruction of the planet, or are we willing to let go and take a chance, take the opportunity to change, to live a truly different alternative that could heal the damage and offer a kinder future for all life?

Setting seed as humans involves invoking our gift of choice. We can choose to no longer bend life to our limited purposes and instead choose to honor and nurture all life as our now distant ancestors did, and  as some of our living relatives do now who still listen to the voice of the Earth, those cultures whose people have been trying to tell us for thousands of years to turn back and remember ourselves back into the circle of life before it is too late. We can set seeds of expansive kinship again, and we can nurture their growth. We need to choose this path from our deepest hearts and set out along its trail while the trail is still open. Within an act of setting seed are concentric rings of light, intent, and love, moving fluidly through the universe with its purpose, affecting a change and a movement into the next age.

We each have an opportunity and a sacred responsibility now at a time of setting seed to make choices that will engender a future of harmony within the heart of creation arising naturally all around us. We pray that out of the dissolution of this age will come another age in which the natural world will again be seen through the heart, as the heart. There will be no separation, no distinction of other, but a knowing loving embrace of a sacred vision, like the curving petals of a flower unfolding and radiating outward from the seed, a natural blending of union, fluid like water, expansive like the air, brilliant like the sun.



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