The Visions of Radiance at the Edge of Extinction 


We are now within the sixth extinction on Earth. All the warning signs are present; we have all heard them and even experienced them first hand. A number of scientists feel we may have entered the period of abrupt climate change similar to other extinction events in our Earth’s history. We are in a very intense time of change, a powerful time where the holding patterns of our world culture begins to crack away, leaving a space that only a blended way of living with the Earth can fill. Knowing that our time is running short, leaves you in the open desert of your heart with a harsh quiet before the storm but it is good to remember that there is a primordial intent to the universe, the Earth, and to all life, the radiance exists for a reason.

Our Earth is a sacred luminous fluid vision of life where all beings may ride the tides of their spiritual growth to fruition. At a time when this sacred living land is being destroyed, humans need to know that the Togal visions exist and that the visions are alive within the fabric of being and in their hearts. The universe, our Mother Earth arise from a sacred primordial intent and you can ride this holy message of great love to fruition.


It was early in January 2000 and Rachel and I had been gazing all day. At the evening break, we stepped outside and watched as the rain made concentric rings on the surface of a puddle by the reflected light of the porch. Since we were in silence, we gestured to one another excitedly at the concentric rings. We knew in our hearts that the visions of radiance were as natural as the air we breathed. The circles spreading out across the puddle were so humble in the reflected light, so allowing in their elemental purity and yet holding an essential initiating energy to respond outward, touching and affecting all other circles. What we were experiencing as we gazed and as we watched the concentric circles forming on the puddle, was an intention within origin itself, the basis of all phenomena. Both the visions of radiance and nature arise from the same primordial source, a living awareness woven into the fabric of the universe.

Our hearts were touching the same truth that night. There is a living, loving intent, a primordial grace within all that naturally arises. The very nature and impetus within our universe is the circle or sphere, the potential at the heart of all things radiating outward as creation, an integral primordial path to fruition.

The path is to return to the circular and spherical qualities that permeate the natural world, becoming a sphere of influence upon the radiant surface of life, blending back into the rhythm and pure form of our Mother’s intent. In this blended state lies the way to fruition. But even as you move along the path, the intent of essence is experienced as a living vibrant vision guiding you through life in a loving embrace. This primordial love is an intent that radiates out from the blue-black depth of pure potential, a pure intent of mother energy, the basis of creation.

God is the sphere, God is the Earth, God is the sky, God is the rain, God is the visions of radiance, God is all of nature throughout space. God is the expansive oneness of original heart. We are meant to be an integral part of this living beatitude, like the Earth, like the sky, like the rain, like the rainbow. The intent of essence is expressed as the openness of space, the fluidity of water, the responsiveness of Earth, the radiance of light, and the expanse of spherical wisdom in original heart. Let go of the tension the mind creates and blend back into the heart of this loving intent, to again walk through the threshold of nature, to simply be one with all things, just as they are. Become a sphere riding upon the sky of transcendent openness, a spiritual movement across space like a concentric ring of original heart within the expanse. Come back to original heart and reach a blended state of oneness within an intent that is alive, all pervasive, and all forgiving, truly the universal Mother.




Come home to Primordial grace,

come home to spontaneous creation

arising from an absolute intent,

absolute potential.

Come home to Earth, Original heart,

and the Visions of radiance.

Come home to the essence of our very being,

come home to the message of love

blended into light itself.

Come home to a blended existence with our First mother,

come home to the heart of oneness, a living universe.

Come home to the breadth of all being, Original heart.

Come home to this primordial

poem of light, union, and love.

Come home….

     The visions of radiance as experienced through the primordial visionary path of Togal (Thogal) and the vision that is this life, our Earth and the universe we find ourselves within, arise from the same source for the same reason, so that all beings may reflect back to essence.

    Throughout the dream of time, throughout countless cycles of elaboration and decline, this essential spiritual path remains the same, revealing the timeless essence, the oneness at the heart of all experience. This is a primordial path of return from the point of origin, just as a circle is drawn. The origin is not far away in another time or another culture. It is here, now, within the immediacy of your direct experience, reflected in the luminous knowingless knowing shining out of your heart and all manifestation, outside the elaborations of intellect, outside the boundaries that maintain separation. This original truth abiding naturally in your heart invites full participation in this wondrous vision we call life and is most easily recognized and embraced within the natural world.

     The Earth is the basic ground on which our lives and our spiritual practice evolve. It is the intent of the essence manifesting for all beings to seek and find the path of return. This expression of the essence is like a dream, although it appears as if solid and real. All experience, all phenomena, are as evanescent as a mist in the mid day sun, but this does not in any way diminish the inherent holiness of this manifest vision we call life. The whole of this wondrous world arises for us to follow the signs guiding, opening, and gentling us, helping us to let go and surrender to the embrace of the essence. This vision of Earth is meant to be directly experienced, to feel the pulse of our mother within and without, to make a deep connection with the attributes that are here for us to emulate. The openness of the sky, the fluidity of water, the perseverance of mountains, the responsive, accepting, devoted, and humble qualities of Earth are here for us to witness, feel, touch, and experience with our whole being, so that they become alive within us and we recognize and accept our indwelling heritage.



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